Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I've never been a huge Valentine's Day Girl. I think the best Valentine's Day I've ever had was centered around tacos and Harry Potter movies on my couch. But I do love a good present. And I also love giving presents. Any excuse there is, I get presents for people. To be honest I think I can be kind of overbearing. But this holiday is a valid excuse so I'm giving you a few tips on what to get for the special man in your life! 

1. For the Business Man : Tayroc TXMI054 Watch


I bought one of these for my guy (yet another random present) and I've seen it on his wrist s often since! It's relatively inexpensive as far as watches go, and it looks pretty swanky. Despite it's light price tag, the watch itself is super sturdy. 


2. For the Outdoorsman: the Mountain Daypack from Topo Designs


I am in love with Topo Designs products. They are all so visually attractive and trendy, but also super functional. This backpack is great if your guy loves to go hiking. For Valentine's Day, I would pack it full with his favorite candies and little love notes or boxers with hearts on them! The possibilities are endless. Use it as if it was a stocking. If you're not a fan of the brighter colors, they have other products in solid, darker colors that are equally as cool. 


3. For the 'Manscaper" : Emmerson Joseph Gift Card


Everybody likes their man looking cleaned up. If you're in the Charlotte area, a gift card for Emmerson Jospeh is my go-to. It's $44 for a straight razor shave which is something you don't see very often anymore. It's a men's "grooming lounge" so that it doesn't feel like a task to get a haircut like it usually is. There's a speakeasy, they offer drinks and cigars... it's all very manly. I think this is an awesome way to treat your special someone with an old school treat that will make them look super suave. Added bonus for him? All the stylists are smokin' hot. (Disclaimer: I didn't know this when I got a gift card for my boyfriend, but he was thrilled. If you're worried your man is going to run away with his hairdresser than you probably shouldn't be buying him Valentine's Day gifts anyway.) 

If you're not in the Charlotte, NC area, try The Art of Shaving. If you still can't find a location, order a shaving kit!

4. For the slightly scandalous: Tommy John's Valentine's Boxer/Sock Set 

So this really isn't all that scandalous, but I wouldn't buy boxers and socks for someone your casually dating. They might head for the hills. Too intimate. Has anyone tried these boxers/know someone who has? I don't know if they work, but I saw a hilarious commercial for them the other night. They're supposed to keep all the junk in place so guys don't have to *adjust* themselves in public. Not quite sure how it works, but it sounds like a win win for everyone. Side note: I've been looking for heart socks EVERYWHERE and this is the first place i've found a pair that fit the bill. Aka they're not women's heart socks... 

5. For the Comic: 'You've Stolen a Pizza My Heart' Shirt

I bought this. For myself. Guilty. I'm actually giving it to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, but I got an XL so that I could steal it and sleep in it. Very thoughtful of me right? I know. It's $10! Target also has a ton of other funny Valentine's related T's if this one doesn't cut it for you.

6. For the Wine Lover: Handsome Devil Wine 

Again, $10! So I'm not sure how good the wine actually is, but the name is just too fitting. Make a little note that says "Handsome Devil for my handsome devil ;)" Talk about ROMANCE. Crack this baby open fireside and you've got yourself a dreamy V Day. 

(This is also available at Target, but only in stores. I am a target junkie in case you haven't already noticed) 

7. For the guy who loves to cook: Sur La Table Cooking Classes

If your guy loves to cook, hold on to him. Mine does not. But alas, I love him despite his flaws. Plus it means I get to cook more, which I'm totally ok with. Sur La Table offers divine cooking classes for couples and is also basically mecca. It would be a great date night experience for the two of you to do something together!