My Favorite Books This Summer

I am a GIANT book nerd. Always have been, always will be. I was the kid in elementary school that loved AR tests. I lived for them. I got no bigger thrill than reading a 10 point book and acing the test in the library. I'm not sure why they don't have adult AR tests (someone make that happen). 

Even dorkier- I've always been a huge fan of the classics. All of them- Bronte, Austen, Fitzgerald, Dickens, Bradbury, you name it. I've devoured it. The only other thing I love as much as classic literature is a good, EASY summer read. I love girly novels. And anything about Paris or London. And I have been flying through books by the pool this summer. Here are my picks:

1. Pretty Girls 

2. I'll See You In Paris 

3. Me Before You 

4. After You 

5. A Paris Apartment 

6. The Woman In Cabin 10